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Happy 50th Annviersary Desert Cove Elementary School! Glad we could be part of the celebration! Good times!
Tired of all the sex/nudity, profanity, and violence in PG movies, not to mention PG-13 and R? Check out the ClearPlay BluRay player (plays DVD's as well). Thousands of titles, including all of the latest releases, and YOU control what your kids see... Read More
Why We Love Pediatric Dentistry (And You Should, Too!) We established Tatum Pediatric Dentistry because it combines two of the things we love the most: dentistry and children. There's a lot to love about pediatric dentistry, and we are excited to... Read More
  10 Things Cavemen Could Have Taught Your Children About Your Teeth Though cavemen had dental problems, these were more often due to wear and tear than the cavities we see now, even in children. It seems those cavemen have a thing or two to teach... Read More
13 Things About Your Child's Teeth You May Not Have Known   As your child's teeth come in, there are a few things that you should know to help keep teeth healthy. 1. Baby Teeth are Spaced Apart  As baby teeth come in, they usually have spaces... Read More
Watch Out: How Candy & Soda Is Taking Over and What to Do About It Sweets and soda have steadily been gaining control of the eating habits of our children. The effects of this takeover can be devastating to them in many different ways. In... Read More
20 Myths About Your Childs Mouth Care: Busted Kids don’t always look forward to trips to the dentist’s office. As a parent, however, you know how important it is to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy. Sadly, there are quite a few myths... Read More
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Giving Your Kids White Teeth   It’s no secret, especially not to us. Most kids love sticky, gooey, chocolatey, and altogether fun foods. The only problem is that these foods are anything but fun for kids’ teeth (and... Read More
Five Compelling Reasons Why Flossing Is Important   We all know that brushing our teeth is an important daily ritual. At the minimum, a thorough brushing in the morning and before bed is necessary to keep teeth strong and healthy. This fact is... Read More
7 Surprising, Yet Helpful Remedies For Teething For new parents, one of the most common challenges of raising a newborn baby is dealing with teething that can occur during the first year of their development. It can be difficult to watch a child... Read More


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