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  17 Dental Terms Every Parent Needs to Know   For some people, going to the dentist is a scary experience, but it shouldn't be! Dentists are knowledgeable and friendly professionals whose goal is to help you have a healthy set of teeth for your... Read More
3 Apps to Help You Care for Your Teeth Making regular visits to the dentist can help keep your kids' teeth stay clean and free from cavities and their gums healthy. But we all know that's only part of the picture. What your kids do at home on a... Read More
  Will Getting Perfect Teeth Help Your Kids Get into College? Yes. How? The cosmetic health of your teeth seems to have little to nothing to do with the future of your children, right? That's why it's a great title, and that's why you clicked on it... Read More
Congratulations to Soren and Suvi, our February and March winners for the review drawing!  Each will get a free Sonicare for Kids toothbrush!  Thanks to all for your great reviews!  Much appreciated!
5 Things Parents Must Know About the ACA and Pediatric Dentistry   The ACA or the Affordable Care Act has 10 categories of EHB (Essential Health Benefits). Pediatric dental care is one of these categories, combined together with vision care.... Read More
12 Little Known Facts About Animal Mouths   The most teeth you will ever have is 32. This might be hard to believe when you look at a snail that can have as many as twenty-five thousand tiny teeth located on their tongue. The truth is there are a... Read More
  20 Free Things To Do in Phoenix in the Spring With Kids Phoenix is a great place for enjoying low cost and even free family entertainment. Get out this spring and create some interesting memories with your loved ones. Read on for a great list of... Read More
  10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Pacifier and Thumb Sucking Habits   Secret #1: Do you know that sucking is a life skill your child began in the womb? When just a tiny infant, the child continued sucking. Sucking, whether the baby sucks on a thumb... Read More
How Many Teaspoons of Sugar are in Your Kid's Drink? What is your favorite kid's drink? Do you love soft drinks like Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew? Maybe your favorite drinks include juices like apple juice and orange juice. Chocolate milk is also... Read More
  10 Common Activities That Expose You to More Radiation Than Dental X-Rays Radiation is one of the scariest things in the world. While it won't usually make you glow in the dark, it could cause a bunch of awful things to happen to your body. Many... Read More


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