Our Treatment Philosophy

  • Dr. Guymon and our friendly team are committed to providing infants, children, and adolescents with exceptional care in a gentle and fun environment. We practice conservative and preventative dentistry, use kid-friendly language, and encourage your children to get involved in their dental visits. We find the more interesting we can make a child’s visit, the more likely he or she will continue good oral health habits at home. When going to the dentist is fun, kids love taking care of their smiles!

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    Preventative dental care is the cornerstone of comprehensive dentistry, especially for kids. Routine cleanings and checkups starting at your child’s first birthday allow Dr. Guymon to catch dental issues like tooth decay and improper tooth eruption at the very beginning stages. Early detection not only saves you money, but it also saves your child from having to go through more extensive treatment in the future. Simply put, the earlier we can diagnose a dental problem, the more conservatively we can treat your child’s oral health.

    Our Comprehensive Dental Services

    • A dental check-up typically consists of an examination of your child’s teeth, a professional dental cleaning, a fluoride treatment, and a set of dental X-rays. Routine dental check-ups help prevent serious dental problems and keep your child’s teeth healthy and beautiful.

    • Fluoride treatments help strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities. Dr. Guymon uses a fluoride treatment that protects your child’s teeth for up to two months! For more information, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

    • Dental sealants can be applied to the grooves of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect the teeth from tooth decay. Sealants can be applied quickly with no shots or drilling, effectively protecting your child’s teeth for years to come. For more information, click on the following helpful link from the AAPD.

    • "White" or tooth-colored fillings require the removal of less tooth material than traditional metal fillings. Because the fillings look just like your child’s natural tooth, no one will even notice a difference in your child’s smile.

    • If a cavity gets too big, a baby root canal, or pulpotomy, may be the only way to preserve the tooth. A baby root canal removes the affected part of the nerve of the tooth and helps eliminate pain. It is a relatively short and simple procedure that children tolerate well.

    • Pediatric crowns or "baby teeth crowns” can be used to restore teeth that are too damaged or small for a dental filling. They are also used after a baby root canal. Pediatric crowns are extremely durable and can last until your child loses his or her baby teeth.

      Dr. Guymon is one of just a few dentists in the Valley to offer white zirconia crowns as an alternative to traditional stainless steel crowns for the back teeth. White zirconia crowns look so much like your child’s natural teeth that no one will even notice them. You can read more about metal-free crowns here.

    • Some dental conditions may require the extraction or removal of one or more of your child’s teeth. If you and your child have to visit us for an extraction appointment, Dr. Guymon will thoroughly explain the treatment and any alternative therapies with you so that you can make the most informed decision for your child. He will also schedule time before the treatment to explain the process to your child to help him or her feel comfortable in his care. We want this experience to be as easy as possible, so we also offer sedation options to help your child relax.

    • As a father to young and energetic girls, Dr. Guymon is familiar with the phrase, "Accidents happen.” If your child experiences a dental accident that causes him or her any amount of dental pain, call us immediately. We can talk you through the situation and schedule a same-day emergency appointment if necessary.

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    In spite of our child-friendly dental office and gentle staff, dental treatment can be very scary for little ones. The equipment makes weird noises, and the treatment room can feel intimidating. We encourage parents to come into the treatment rooms if the child has any degree of anxiety. Your reassuring face can be all they need to feel comfortable in our care. If your child still experiences dental anxiety or is requiring extensive treatment, we offer several sedation and anesthesia options to help make his or her experience comfortable and smooth. These options will make dental appointments less stressful for you, too!

    • Some children experience mild to moderate dental anxiety. Dr. Guymon may suggest administering oral conscious sedation, a sweet-flavored liquid that will help them relax and frequently become lightly sleepy. Although your child will be relaxed, he or she will still be able to interact with Dr. Guymon and our team. Oral conscious sedation is a great sedation option for children with special needs. For more information, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

    • If your child is extremely fearful of his or her dental treatment, or if he or she is coming in for extensive dental work, we may recommend that your child be unconscious so that Dr. Guymon can safely complete treatment. General anesthesia is administered in our office to put your child into a deep sleep. Dr. Guymon works with a board-certified anesthesiologist who monitors your child the entire time he or she is under anesthesia. After a brief recovery period in our office, your child is discharged into your care. For more information, click on the following helpful link from AAPD.

  • Digital X-rays

    Digital X-rays

    Digital X-rays are a fast and comfortable tool we use to assess your child’s dental needs. They also emit up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Because the X-rays are all digital, Dr. Guymon is able to view and discuss the images with you immediately and point out any area of concern.

    Dr. Guymon follows the American Dental Association’s established guidelines for the conservative use of dental X-rays. Since your child is unique, Dr. Guymon will only take X-rays after reviewing your child’s medical and dental histories and completing a dental exam. Digital X-rays are extremely important for children. They not only detect cavities, but they also allow Dr. Guymon to survey erupting teeth, diagnose bone diseases, evaluate the results of an injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. And because dental X-rays help us catch dental issues during the earliest stages of development, we can save your child from more extensive procedures in the future!

    Intraoral Camera

    Intraoral Camera

    Like digital X-rays, digital photographs with our intraoral camera are a useful diagnostic and patient education tool. This camera allows us to take pictures of your child’s teeth and then put them up on our computer screen so that we can walk you and your child through the exam. The up-close and detailed pictures also allow Dr. Guymon to accurately diagnose any problems and visualize efficient treatment plans.

    Special Needs

    Dr. Guymon and our team are trained to work with your child no matter what his or her needs may be. We have gained extensive training and have the experience, patience, and knowledge to help your children through their dental cleanings and treatment. We also offer a variety of sedation and anesthesia options if needed.

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