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  What to Expect During Your Child's First Dentist Appointment  The first visit to a dentist is an experience that children and parents should enjoy. By having some expectations before the visit, it is easier to feel comfortable and maintain your... Read More
  CONGRATULATIONS to our monthly drawing winners!  Better late than never :-) May: Gabriella, Nicholas, and Angelo M. June:  James S. July:  Julia M. August:  Adelyn H. September:  Brody P. Enjoy some movies and movies snacks on us!  And thank you... Read More
  Be prepared to laugh yourself to tears while you relive your Bop It days :-) (click on the youtube video below to watch a hilarious (clean/kid friendly) skit about Bop It at a kids birthday party)  https://youtu.be/ayBmsWKqdnc
6 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Brush Their Teeth on Their Own Dental hygiene is incredibly important as soon as your child's first pearly whites appear. But getting them to brush independently--and to do a good job while doing so--can be a big... Read More
  HAPPY FIRST YEAR, TATUM PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY!!!   We are greatful for our first year! It's been a great privilege to be part of this community and to be the dental home for so many wonderful families!    Here's to many more anniversaries!!!
  What to Expect When Kids Start Losing Their Teeth When your child loses their first baby tooth, that's a clear sign they're growing up. In fact, to a typical 6 year old it's more important than learning how to ride a bike or fly a kite. Kids are... Read More
How To Make Going to the Dentist Fun (Not Scary) for Your Kids   Regular visits to a dentist will keep your kids' teeth pearly white, but it's common for them to resist. Kids might see the dentist office as a scary place, with bright lights shining... Read More
  Baby Teeth: When Do They Come and Go Developing healthy teeth begins during pregnancy. Your baby teeth begin developing while you are still in mommy’s tummy!  It is important for mom to get proper nutrition and avoid certain medications even... Read More
7 Dental Myths Debunked There is a lot of great dental information that is readily available. However, there is a lot of false dental information out there today. Below is a list of seven of the most common dental myths: Myth: Only Young People Get... Read More
10 Of The Worst Foods For Your Kid's Teeth We all want to protect our teeth in the best ways we can. After all, we only get one set for our lifetime! Most of us already know that brushing two times a day and flossing at least once a day are great... Read More


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