Will Getting Perfect Teeth Help Your Kids Get into College?


Will Getting Perfect Teeth Help Your Kids Get into College?



The cosmetic health of your teeth seems to have little to nothing to do with the future of your children, right? That's why it's a great title, and that's why you clicked on it. You wanted to see if the connection was real. At the same time, you know in the back of your mind that there is a connection; otherwise you would have dismissed it as the ramblings of a homeless scam artist.

The difference between a homeless scam artist and us is that we can go straight to the science that will connect your smile to your children's well-being. Yes, we will justify spending money on yourself for the sake of your kids, LA.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

This is the reputable scientific agency that will show that making yourself more marketable improves the lives of your children. This is the truth, by the way: Making yourself more marketable in the workplace will positively influence your children. A better smile earns you more money, which you will then take back home to the benefit of your offspring. This is an order, by the way, if you had any thoughts of not seeing this scenario through to its endgame.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has plenty of studies all saying that a healthy smile increases your viability in the workplace and in social circles. If people view you as a healthy person, they will put you in line for advancement opportunities. There are many opinions on this, but the best way to view this is from a genetic perspective.

Clean teeth and a healthy mouth are indicative of strong genetic material. Everything from fresh breath all the way to the way that your molars line up dictates, at least in the mind of an observer, how your entire DNA lines up. People look at your face first. People want to be around other smart, healthy, beautiful people. If you fit the bill, you will be given the reins of leadership, trust, representation and bigger checks.

These bigger checks will obviously mean an easier time paying for the education of your children. This is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Tuition continues to rise year over year faster than inflation, faster than any blue chip stock dividends and much faster than any living wage. In order to pay for college for even one child these days, you have to be well ahead of the curve when it comes to finances. You are either at the head of your own business or you are a favored employee at your place of employment. Either way, you will do much better with a great smile.

Genetically, perfect teeth mean a balanced brain with approximately the same amount of connections from left to right as from right to left. If you do not have this naturally, you can at least fake it with a little help from your favorite orthodontist. There is no shame in that, especially because the types of intelligence that naturally straight teeth are indicative of are not necessarily the types of intelligence that will get you ahead in today's society.

Look your best and you will certainly have an opportunity at better paychecks. Put this extra money into your children, and they will have an easier time of college. This may seem a bit of a stretch, but let the results speak for themselves. If you do not believe the research, take a look at the people who are at the top of your firm or oganization. I would bet that all of them take a great deal of care in their appearance.

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