10 Things Cavemen Could Have Taught Your Children About Your Teeth


10 Things Cavemen Could Have Taught Your Children About Your Teeth

Though cavemen had dental problems, these were more often due to wear and tear than the cavities we see now, even in children. It seems those cavemen have a thing or two to teach us modern humans! Here’s what they would tell your child to do when it comes to caring for those teeth.

1. Eat like a caveman 

Unlike us, cavemen didn’t have processed food to eat, which meant they ate better. So eat more like a caveman by choosing real foods like fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins, instead of the stuff that comes in packaging. Our over-refined food is too sugary and promotes bacteria that cause plaque, which leads to cavities.

2. Chew like a caveman

Chewing food actually helps clean your teeth and gums. One reason we have problems is that our teeth were not designed for our mushy diets, as every caveman knows. So dig into some whole grains and stringy vegetables, and chew, chew, chew. 

3. Avoid fizzy drinks

Did you hear the one about the caveman who spilled his soda drink all over himself? Of course you didn’t, because cavemen didn’t have fizzy drinks. The problem with fizzy drinks is that they’re too sugary, which encourages bad bacteria, and they’re acidic, which weakens the protective hard enamel on your teeth. Once that enamel is gone it never comes back. So how about switching to one of the caveman’s favorite liquid refreshments – water! Your teeth will thank you.

4. Use a straw

If you must drink fizzy drinks, using a straw is better as it helps ensure they do not have as much contact with your teeth. Okay, we didn’t learn about this from cavemen because they didn’t have straws. But you can be sure if cavemen had straws, they’d be using them. The type they’d probably want is a bendy straw, or, if you want to sound super clever, an “articulated straw”.

5. Floss like a caveman?

Maybe cavemen didn’t floss, but some ancient people flossed using long grass blades to clean between their teeth, followed by rinsing with water. Cavemen didn’t have to worry so much about this as there was more space around each tooth, so food didn’t get stuck as easily. We’re not so fortunate, so it’s important to floss. Did you know even monkeys can floss? It’s on Youtube so it must be true!

6. Wear those braces

Any caveman can tell you why you need braces – it’s because your mouth is too small for all your teeth. That’s why you need braces to make them fit in perfectly. It’s also why wisdom teeth often need to come out. We don’t need them anymore, and there just isn’t room.

7. Cleaning modern teeth is harder

Crowded teeth are harder to clean – that’s why we have to try harder than the cavemen did. They didn’t have snag teeth to worry about. If you tell someone they have caveman teeth, you’re giving them a compliment.

8. Fix that overbite 

Another modern problem that would be unfamiliar to a caveman is overbite, which needs to be corrected. Their bite was naturally corrected by the rough foods they ate, which wore the teeth down to a perfect fit.

9. Eat some fiber

Eating fiber is not just good for your digestion. It’s also good for your teeth and gums as it naturally helps keep them clean. Want to confuse a caveman? Ask him what gum disease is.

10. Brush every single day

Guess what cavemen didn’t have? Weekends! They didn’t get days off from anything. We’re luckier, but that doesn’t mean you get a day off from cleaning your teeth, ever. So make it a daily ritual. Keep it up and you’ll have a great set of choppers that will last you for a very long time.


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