Why Reading with Your Kids Will Get Them Into Harvard


Why Reading with Your Kids Will Get Them Into Harvard

You know that it's important to start young when you are teaching your children about oral hygiene. The same can be said about reading with your children. Open a book with your little one as early as possible and you open the door to lifelong reading. Reading with your children is more than a treat. You are giving them a springboard to success later in life.

Start Young and Make Reading a Habit
When you sit with your little one with a book in hand, reading can become a habit. Your child will become familiar with books and have insatiable curiosity, begging to know what is inside. One of the best things you can do is add reading to your night-time routine. Every night, as you get ready for bed, top it off with a book. Not only will your child settle better when it is time to sleep, you can also encourage a love of reading.

Read At Least Twenty Minutes a Day
Research suggests that twenty minutes of reading a day is all it takes to establish a solid foundation of learning.
Start with your baby and keep reading through the school years. You give your child the gift of vocabulary, understanding print conventions, and what language is all about.

Reading Builds Bridges
Read with your child and you can build bridges to another world. When you give your child the gift of books, your child can go on adventures, use the imagination, and light the spark of creativity.

Reading Builds Bonds
Read to your child on a daily basis and you will have a stronger relationship. It's quality time for the two of you when the rest of the world goes away.

Reading Builds Vocabulary
When you read to your child night after night, or any time that there is a free moment, your little one is exposed to a river of words. It makes it much easier for your child to understand and learn important concepts in school.

Reading Inspires Curiosity
Each time that you open a book, you help your child to become curious. Your child will be much more likely to want to read, to want to learn, to want to know about all that life has to offer. 

Reading Creates Thinkers
As you share books with your child, you encourage your child to think. Make the books harder the older your child gets and give your child tough topics. You'll expand your child's mind, making your child think about the mysteries of life.

Reading is the Key to So Much More
It's such a simple thing, sitting with your child tucked up next to you and a book in hand. However, that book is the gateway to creating a lifelong reader. If your child isn't good at reading, everything in school will be a struggle. Read with your child and soon your child will carry the torch, reading to you. Make your child love reading. Find the books that really excite your little one and inspire your child to read more. Make each book precious and your child will learn what to do with the tools you have provided. Your child will know what to do later in life when he or she is on her own.

Read, Read, and Read Some More to Get into Harvard
The studies don't lie. When you expose your child to a steady dose of reading before the preschool years, academic success is much more likely.
It might sound crazy to think about college while you are holding your one-year-old in your lap with a board book. You won't believe how fast the years will fly by and your baby will leave the nest. Set them on the right path. Start reading while your little one is a baby and make reading a habit. Keep reading as your child grows. Even as a young adult, your child will enjoy reading with you if you have proved that reading is a true adventure. Take that ride with your child and watch your young adult take off with the skills and knowledge needed to go to Harvard, any other college, and beyond.


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