6 Reasons Being a Brace-Faced, Metal-Mouth in School Pays Off

 6 Reasons Being a Brace-Faced, Metal-Mouth in School Pays Off


Wearing braces is something that many other youngsters like yourself had to do. When you first hear the news, you might not be too happy. In fact, you may worry about nicknames like "brace-face" and "metal-mouth." However, you're going to be the one with straight teeth and cool new colors in your mouth every six weeks or so. 

'Tis the Season
When you wear traditional braces, you usually have the colors changed every six weeks or so. You do not need to select colored braces, but many kids do. Therefore, you can choose colors that match up with the season. When it's time for Christmas, you can choose red and green; when Halloween is just a few weeks away, you can go for black and orange. During the summer months, you can pick your favorite shades of hot pink, orange and yellow to stand out. Your classmates will be jealous that you get to wear these fun shades.

Different Options for Braces
Upon hearing that you're going to get braces put on your teeth, you might have an image that automatically comes to mind. Maybe you saw braces on a character on television, and you didn't like how they looked, but you should know that different types of braces are available. You and your parent need to speak to the orthodontist, but you might be able to get braces on the back of your teeth or choose invisible ones, which are called Invisalign. But most importantly, you WON'T have to wear headgear during the day, and most likely not at all. That was MY fear before getting braces.

Inspiring Other Kids
Maybe you have seen a kid being bullied by others in your class, and you were the brave one who stepped in to say that wasn't okay. Even if that hasn't been the situation, you have the chance to act as a role model now. Some of the other kids in your class might be afraid to get braces, or they might think that other people are going to tease them. Since you are walking proudly into class with your own braces on, you can help other kids to feel better about theirs. 

Finished Earlier On
You're very young right now, and the sooner you get started with something, the more quickly you will be finished. You might feel out-of-place if you are the only one in your class with braces right now. However, as the years go on, you are going to notice that a lot of your friends also have braces. You can act as a guide for them and maybe even answer some of the questions that they have. When some of the other kids are just getting their braces on, you will already be finished, and you can focus your attention on other areas of health.

Visits to the Orthodontist
When you have braces, you go to a special type of dentist called an orthodontist. This type of professional is an expert in braces. He or she will change the braces when you want new colors and will walk you through the process. Also, many orthodontists’ offices cater to children. You can meet friends there, and the orthodontist might throw parties for the patients. The atmosphere at the office is one that works well for kids of your age. 

The Healthiest Teeth
Above all of the other reasons, the most important reason to have braces is that your teeth will be straight and healthy. When you are older, you might notice that many people around you have crooked teeth or that they are experiencing problems with their dental hygiene. Since you took the time when you were younger to pay attention to your oral hygiene, you will have the healthiest smile around. You should know that the health of your teeth is connected to the health of your entire body. 

Hearing that you have to get braces can be scary, but when you think about all of these benefits, you'll realize that those little squares of metal are not so bad after all.


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